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Ashanti - Story of 2

Album: Chapter ll


Story of 2

1st verse/ Baby I'm thinking about just what I wanna do,just what I wanna do,/I dont care if I'm
wrong think I'm in love with you I'm in love with you./All of my friends say that I'm moving too soon, I dont care what they say I want to give myself to you/ CHORUS/
Dream maker make my dreams come true tonight if I close my eyes will you hold me tight all night. Dream maker here's what we gon' do tonight we gon' make sweet love til the
morning light, yea yea/2ND VERSE/ I want you to have me all to yourself,all to yourself, I got to be with you, be with you./ I don't want no one else, you given me everything
I couldn't ask for more I need to be with you, without you, I just can't go on/ CHORUS/

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