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Band, The - Lonesome Suzie

Album: Music From Big Pink


Lonesome Suzie

C e7 am fmaj7 bb c
Lonesome suzie, never got the breaks
E7 am g
She's always losing so she sits and cries and shakes
C e7 am f bb c
It's so hard just to watch her, and if i touch her
Eb bb c am c g c
Oh, poor suzie, i'm wondrin' what to do

She just sits there, hoping for a friend
I don't fit here, but i may have a friend to lend
Maybe i mistook her, but i can't overlook her
Must be someone who can pull her through

E7 am fmaj7 bb c
Anyone who's felt that bad could tell me what to say
E7 am g
Even if she'd just get mad, she might be better off that way
C e7 am
And where is all the understanding
Fmaj7 bb c
Her problems can't be that demanding
Eb bb c am
Why is it she looks that way
C gsus4 c
Every time she starts to cry?

Lonesome suzie, i can't watch you cry no longer
If you can use me until you feel a little stronger
I guess just watching you has made me lonesome too
Why don't we get together,
Dm7 g7 c
What else can we do?

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