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Geto Boys - Bitches & Ho's

Album: Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly


Bitches & Ho's

[ verse 1: willie d ]
No sooner than i walk in the club i'm gettin love from the masses
Women admirin my baldhead and glasses
They makin passes, i see they asses, i'm gettin flirty
I got that liquor in my system plus i'm wild and dirty
In my pockets is tickets for the rockets
Million dollar nigga from the projects
I see no logic in niggas' hate when i ride past
My .45 sing lullabyes to they tired ass
See me, i be a candidate for bustin
Don't fuck around unless you ready for the repercussions
Baby blushing, she drives a benz, but i handle em all
Sophisticated as fuck, and she ain't wearin no drawers

[ verse 2: scarface ]
I met the broad in the parking lot, riding a 'stang
Pulled her way up to her parking spot, the escalade
She hesitated for a minute, then she finally stopped
When she seen a nigga hollerin at her ridin a drop
Out her car to my passenger side the bitch came
Say she in a hurry this time, but no thang
Here's the pager number, i can call at night
Rarely ever beeped a bitch, but this broad was tight
Better yet got the cellular number, she seemed changed
Diamonds 'bout the size of a dime, and these thangs
Tend to to em open, no question and one reason
That diamonds be a girl's best friends, so i treat them
Like bitches

[ verse 3: tela ]
These bitches i be doin in, hoes i be screwin, and
If she talk about her friends, then i probably flew em in
What's a man troublin, like fuckin in a bubble benz
With her hair in the wind, sittin up from the rim
Gettin ????, plenty room, it was in the month of june
I was on promotional, she was into trickin dudes
I'm no dude, or no guy, but i can fuckin get you high
I won't tell you any lie, i don't play with any mind
She know about the l-o-t and how we roll
She know about the l-o-t and say we all cold
We can keep this on the we-know, we meet back in rio
My bitch and my ho, my half-black philipino
You know
Come on

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