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Mandy Moore - Feel Me

Album: unknown


Feel Me

I remember the time

That I was afraid to let go
'Til the day I met you

I used to sit alone
My happiness had gone
I saw you and my heart flew open
Now every day, I gotta let you know

I'm standing here right now
I'll never let you down
I'll give my everything
Cause I want you to feel me
I'll open up to you
I know your heart is true
I'll save myself for you
Cause I want you to feel me

Mmm...yeah (yeah)

I can see the difference you made
Leaving in the rain your sunshine
From now on
I promise not to let you go

You'll never be alone
My heart is now your home
We'll share so many words unspoken
Each and every day
I gotta let you know

Repeat Chorus

Hey, no, oh no
Hey, oh baby

You know you're never alone
I'll be there right by your side
(Right by your side)
Follow me I found someone (who's gonna love me)
To be the love in my life
It's gonna be you
I feel you, you feel me
We feel it, babe
I want you, you want me
Want you inside

The best bits in me
I wanna give to you
And I want to let it show
Cause it feels so good
To feel this way
I want you to know, oh baby, oh

Reapt Chorus til fade out

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