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McFly - The Guy That Turned Her Down

Album: Room on the Third Floor


The Guy That Turned Her Down

It hasn't been the best of days
Since she drove off and left me
Standing in a haze
Because I've been so out of order
Yes I have babe
My new found love showed up and blew her out the water
And its so not easy
(I know she'll say) I'm sleazy
(I love the way) You please me

I can't believe I found
A girl who turned my life around
She suddenly came onto me
Pin me down on the ground
I could have pushed away
But I didn't know what she'd say
But I'm glad I'm not the guy who turned her down

I cut my social life in two
I quit my city job so I can be here with you
My friends say I'm a fool in love
But I'm not babe
It's worth my while because you're what my dreams are made of
Cos you look like (A beauty queen)
Sucked in by (Your tractor beam)
You know I


Years go by(As the years go by)
I wonder why (I start to wonder why)
She had come to me (Bah da bah bah)
So glad that she met me (Bah da bah bah)
And life without you baby, just don't know where I would be


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