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Propaghandi - White, Proud And Stupid

Album: Where Quantity Is Job #1


White, Proud And Stupid

White, he's a good boy, he loves his mamma. he loves jesus and his country too. he's a good boy, working class white male. loves violence and his dumb girlfriend too. and that's enough to make m
That's enough to make me sick! i am white, proud and stupid, i am much smarter than you kid (good rhyme), cuz you don't know what's right, you're black instead of white and you gotta be like me
U wanna be free in my world. in my world. i can't believe what you say, do you really think that way? every time you talk you tear the human race limb from limb. limb from limb. the first genera
With the racial segregation (dunno) turn in her grave. nazi skins and aryans pollute our land: screwdriver (dead), white pride (broke up) and warzone (not nazis) and other nazi bands, they're a
Of 'fag'-bashing goons, nationalist buffoons, and, they don't even know what the fuck they're singing about at all. i will never be white, proud and stupid, i am no smarter than you kid (good r
, and we both know what's rig
Ht, it's never black or white you don't have to be like me you're always free in my world, in my world. the first generation with the racial segregation...

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