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Roy Orbison - Cheyanne

Album: unknown



J carter/ t gilbert

I left nabraska lookin' at sundown, needin' a shave and a bath
Wyoming night time could be a comedown, where do i go for a relapse?
Cheyanne, cheyanne

Goofin' with the bar fly.pretty little green eyes sure can throw a smile
Head's in the right place, baby's got a sweet face, falls down western style

Cheyanne, cheyanne get me high an' keep me that way
Cheyanne, cheyanne still try an' steal my heart away
Cheyanne, cheyanne

Annie is a cowgirl, a here and now girl, she says she can make me her man
She showed me how, i said "oh wow" i'll come again when i can

To cheyanne, cheyanne, get me high an' steal my heart away
Cheyanne, cheyanne stop your cryin', cos i'm here to stay

Cheyanne, cheyanne, cheyanne, cheyanne, cheyanne,
Cheyanne, cheyanne, cheyanne, cheyanne, cheyanne...

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