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Souls Of Mischief - Disseshowedo

Album: '93 'til Infinity




It gets no fatter
Add another crew to your favo-ritos
Yes we knows our shit is flavor
In battle, i rip it, and niggaz hectic after
I flipped the script like a dyslexic actor
You're no factor
I got the type of skills that make you wanna quit
I might be ill and my mic it steals that old beyonder shit
I harm the shit, but see next this keen text
Be-ing ex-pelled from my diaphragm
I'm flyer, damn, would you grok it can't you receive it
I bust like cleavage, rock shit, then i leave it
In shambles, cuz i can like campbell's
A sample of tajai, is much more than average


Yo, who the hell are you? you're not me
I got me and three brothers that are cocky
To rock the, masses, whippin niggaz asses
At last it's, appropriate to show that i can blast kids
I'm quick to stick a dick in skin
I'm figuring i hinder men, so let's sin, and watch this nigga win
I'm making corpses, of course i score kids
I'm morbid, cause it makes me think of more shit to kick
Leave me alone, back the hell up hobbes
I never thought my son would ever try to beat up pops
I got a leather strap, for the fella that
Wanna tell the mack lies, i send em back with black eyes

Chorus: repeat 2x

Disseshowidoit, i do it, i do it
Disseshowido, disseshowido


I ain't trippin, what i'm flipping's on the contrary
To your weakness, retreat if you wanna restrain
From being beat, i freak lifting syllables
So kill the bullcrap, i'm arousing dousing drowning
When my sound swings, i found things
To bequeath, you're beneath, you need relief, to be brief
I crushed ya, flushed ya, from the cypher
Cuz i sliced your life to pieces
In ruins, i screw in, skills like drills
So who and, what army can harm me?
Kill, the noise, my boys, never lack poise
But you wack toys get played as i slay


My stick drives you crazy flip it backwards and it plays the
Satanic messages i guess it is my nature
To break your mental barriers to take your body over
Drove ya, off a cliff i got the gift to shapeshift
I encourage say nigga suicidal
The shit i write'll, make you clutch a bible
I got the cali type styles, i wipe smiles
And smirks off of jerks cuz that weak shit don't never work
Niggaz is wack as fuck your over
Get your life together, find some direction cluck nigga
I got the titanium steel verse, slicin through
With some shit that you'll never ever do


The studio, blew
Ninety-three and on

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