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Tatyana Ali - He Loves Me

Album: Kiss The Sky


He Loves Me

verse 1
we started out as real good friends
mentally we became intimate
wasn't in the stride of my sexy walk
nor was it in the sound of the way i talk
something about you opened up my eyes
made me see you weren't like other guys
all my life i've been waiting
for someone who'll love me for me

he knows me me he loves me me
for who i am yes he does not what he sees 4x

verse 2
he treats me like a queen
not by giving me material things
by respecting me and holding me
and comforting me whenever i'm in need
i can truly say i've been changed
my inner strength has been rearranged
when you see his face he'll be right next to me
or you just might see him in your dreams

never thought i'd find somebody quite like you you are why
cuz of you my gray skies have now turned blue
you are why i wear this smile upon my face
he loves me




ad lib

he's a strong sweet man strong sweet man
holds my heart in the palm of his hand
he never changes like the weather
stays the same ohhhh
i can lean on him yes i can depend on him
when i need a friend he is always there for me

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