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The Hollies - Lady Of The Night

Album: Russian Roulette


Lady Of The Night

(clarke / sylvester / hicks)
Chilled to the bone i see a lady
Stalkin' like a black cat in the night
Shivers down my spine my mind's racin'
Wonderin' why the lady's taken flight

Ooh ooh lady of the night
Ooh ooh lady of the night

Can't be a dream, reality's no liar
It's not my imagination running wild
But to suddenly appear when i'm no high flyer
It's got me so confused but tantalized

Don't be confused if you don't know what i'm saying
I'm lettin' you in to what's happenin' my friend
One of these nights she's gonna get you
You'll experience just what i'm goin' through, yeah


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